rorring: (He paced the room with hurried steps)

A Terrorist of the Heart

You were my first encounter with destiny.

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Name:Takatsuki Shinobu

"I want you to take responsibility."
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17 year age difference, a skewed sense of logic, acing tokyo u's entrance exam, australian big bird friend, bearded panda, being a perfectionist, being a prodigy, being a terrorist, being an adult, being difficult, being miyagisexual, being smarter than you, blocking apartment doors, brb flying to australia, cabbage recipes, come at me, compulsive lying, cooking cabbage, crying on the floor, destiny, divorce party, divorce party (with hats), following miyagi, git in ma howz, half-opened eyes, hating everything but not really, having a rich father, hnnnngh miyagi's house key, hurry up wait get off, i'm shinobu-sama, ice in my drink, jade green turtlenecks, kuudere, library flashbacks, lol prodigy, loving the brother-in-law, making assumptions, making out with sick men, manly tears, miyagi, miyagi's lavender car, mouthing off to thugs, my sister the whore, not a reverse pedophile, not being jealous, not blood related, not having a ringtone, not setting the house on fire, not women, oil meat vegetables x3, rorring onza fror raffing, scowling, shinobu ninja, sizing up cabbages, smiling one time only, snarking, so skilled in engrish, squinting forever, stalking miyagi, suddenly bitching, swearing to look cool, take responsibility, that damned peacock room, the nin in ninja, ttly australian mate, ukeface, unmei unmei unmei, watching miyagi in the library, wearing sweater vests, what is timing, why the hell are pumpkins so hard
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